About Us

Upform is an innovative, easy to use online form builder that is as useful for small businesses as it is for big firms. No matter what kind of form you need - or want - to create, choosing Upform as your free online form builder is the best move you can make.

Why Us?

There are plenty of online form builders out there, and some of them are even free. So why choose Upform? We think it's the best online form builder, but, ego aside, why do we say that? Here are just some of the reasons you should start building forms with Upform.

Easy to Build

One of the most frustrating things about lots of online form builders is that they are hard to use, even when they claim otherwise. Not everyone has the time or patience to mess around with shortcodes and techy jargon, or with making big changes to their website just because they want to add a new contact form.

Upform makes use of an easy drag and drop form builder that REALLY IS easy to use, and, maybe even better still, we even offer tons of ready made templates that can be customized in minutes for those who are really in a rush.

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Easy to Implement

Finding an online form creator that makes it simple to build forms is great, but if those forms are then hard to implement? Not so great. At Upform, we believe you shouldn't have to be a web designer or programmer to add a form to your site, or your social media accounts.

To that end, we have worked hard to ensure that once your forms are built you can begin using them in minutes, no matter which platform your website is built on or which email client you use. Upform forms are also easy to track in popular analytics softwares, including Google Analytics, another big plus.

We Listen

Now what all would great implementation or easy usage be if we did not help try to make it easier for you to contact us? Here at Upform, we take pride and passion in our users and their opinions. When someone has an issue, we make it a priority to respond as soon as possible to not bog the user down when they are forced to wait. When an issue arises site-wide, we are quick to adapt and fix the issue. When a certain feature isn’t panning out in the way we thought, we will change it for the better. When using Upform as your free online form builder, you have our commitment to make your form builder a smooth, simple process for you.

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Get Started with Upform For Free

Our online form creator is free, and always will be. As an Upform user, you can contact us whenever you need assistance with building forms, adding them to your website or determining the best fields to include in your form. There is also a premium option with those with heavier form building needs. No matter which path you take, we are always delighted to assist you!